0PN Drops “Mutant Standard”

Hey! Dark ambient electronic nerds. 0PN dropped a new song. It’s called “Mutant Standard.” It is a further peek into the Garden Of Delete. You must listen.

Even though this post is written to myself with great urgency, listen: the new song is a staticky, charging otherworld nineties trance song for science experiments. It is a stressful eight minute blast of prickly nature sounds caught in a glass bowl, meandering synth keys with voices buried underneath it, a petri dish of the petrified: the song is the sonic landscape for a drive through the country of decay. This is the sound of the Garden Of Delete. It is beautifully uncomfortable. “I’m just gunna start off by doing some stupid stuff,” he says. “Because that’s just what I do.

The experience is like watching a compressed Scanners. It is a softer and harder leap forward from the previous taste of G.O.D., “I Bite Thought It.” Coming out over a month after any new music and less than a month in advance of the new album’s release, this is an arousing, attacking listen. Play it below. Long live the new flesh in pre-order.

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