0PN’s “I Bite Through It”

Oneohtrix Point Never‘s upcoming Garden Of Delete (abbreviated to G.O.D.) is probably the only album anyone should be away of this fall. It’s the follow up to his major label debut—R Plus 7—on Warp which comes two years after the release of any new-new music. It’s time—and today is the day we finally taste the new flesh of 0PN.

The first song he’s leaked out is “I Bite Through It.” He didn’t release a video but instead a cryptic black screen to accompany a song that feels like the thesis for G.O.D.‘s sound. 0PN noted in many interviews that this new album will be “rock inspired” paired with alien themes and “I Bite” is that: there are twinkling, serene ambient qualities that are ripped up by his manufactured guitars screeches. There is still the graceful tiptoeing of light synths that have permeated his work but “I Bite” deliberately lacks a grace, opting instead for strung heavy metal reverbs.

Everything coming out in advance of G.O.D. has been great though and “I Bite” is more of the same. From drone riffs to overly rock manics to PDF alien interviews to made up space rock groups, there is a universe being constructed here that is incredibly rich. Even more exciting is that it appears that the album is already available online—if you can crack 0PN’s code by way of Kaoss Edge’s encrypted website. The game pieces have been released into the world and we listeners, like characters in Ready Player One, have to dig through all his satellite media to break in. This is just a theory, though. I could be very wrong. I hope it’s not though because that would be the best P.R. strategy yet: a gamified hunt for record information.

Garden Of Delete is out November 13 on Warp.

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