If there’s one thing to take from Valentine’s Day, it’s that we all need love—even if it’s just a hook-up by phone.

Marc Jacobs is taking that to heart, throwing it back in time, and presenting it to us as delightfully cheesy fashion ads reminiscent of eighties and nineties sex hotlines. Posted to the brand’s Instagram, Jacobs’ has enlisted a group of models to talk about love and lust and why you should call up these fashionable babes for phone sex fun. The advertisements are ace recreations of bygone sex solicitation and feature artist Chloe Wise, model May Hong, dancer/performer Jessica Timlin, and lots more.

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The whole project is an over-the-top cheesy love letter to retro sex—but there’s an added bonus beyond these LOL videos and moody photos: the hotline actually works. I’ve thought for some time that hotlines, like newsletters, are making a comeback and Marc is taking this direct with a number that actually works. Yes, it’s the same message every time you call but it exists nevertheless. 1-844-LUV-MARC gives you breathy instructions and a little discount code, which I’ll let you call to get yourself all hot and bothered about.

Catch some of my favorite entries into this campaign below. The above with Chloe Wise is a doe eyed standout based in a desperately giddy love daze and, obviously, I’ve watched it approximately ten times. This Valentine’s Day, give yourself what you want: a little bit of Marc. Don’t you just luv him? (Except when, you know, he’s appropriating culture and making poor apologies for doing so.)

A video posted by Marc Jacobs (@marcjacobs) on

A video posted by Marc Jacobs (@marcjacobs) on

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