$2 For Your Drinking

Is my drinking costing you? Apparently it is. It’s not a ton of money but it is money: every drink you have costs us $2.05 dollars because of everything from health problems to loss of productivity.

As Grub Street points out, this is better and worse than it sounds:

The societal costs mostly manifest themselves in workplace productivity loss ($82 billion) and early deaths (another $75 billion). These figures are actually rising: It was $1.90 per drink the last time researchers did this report, using data from 2006. And for people suddenly curious about their own suck on the economy, they can input their state of residence and weekly drink total into an interactive chart at the Washington Post’s Wonkblog and see the damage. New Yorkers fall in the $2.10- to $2.30-per-drink range.

Huh. According to that nifty chart, my drinking costs more around $2.77 a drink because I live in California and my drinking (right now, on a bad week) is an almost $2K tax suck. Huh? Okay. Maybe drink less? Maybe stop wasting money on wasteful things and put it toward a booze bailout? Maybe raise drinking taxes to cover these costs?

Well, as I’ve never missed work nor have had any health crises related to The Drink, I’m not too worried about the economy being unable to support enough fine pointed Sharpies, double sided Scotch tape, or Van Gogh Decorative Notebooks in offices. But you know what’s maybe the saddest thing? America is missing out on nearly four thousand beers that they could use for a giant holiday party. Pour one out!

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