5 Casual Costumes For Dudes

It’s the week of Halloween. You might have your costume for the big day but you always need more than one: you need one real costume for whatever function or festivity you attend and you will also need your low-key something that is intended to be worn to work or school, in the non-privacy of the real world.

These costumes shouldn’t be something that you uncomfortably don makeup for or spend hours getting ready for. You need to be able to pass. No, you shouldn’t be as cheesy as a bounder and it should have the creativity you normally possess as a fashion forward dude. So what do you wear? How can you be the stylish you with an eye for topical Halloween LOLs?

I have some ideas for you! Here are five casual costumes for the dude who wants to be seasonally active but not an over-the-top asshole.

Raf Simons Halloween Costume Dior 1234KYLE5678 Fashion

The only designer people are talking about these days is the now post-Dior Raf Simons. He’s perfect fodder for costuming! He’s also super easy to do as well. Toss a homemade NO. symbol onto a Dior logo and make it into a pin and you are set. Alternative: carry around a Dior shopping bag and put on zombie makeup. Regardless of how you style your Raf, remember to possess his constantly modelish R.B.F., one that looks both annoyed and like he is going to cry. That’s so Raf.

1. Grab an oversized blazer—but not just any big blazer! It has to be black and maybe opt for something fashionable like an interesting Topman jacket. Yes, you will probably get this at Goodwill but Topman has something you can wear and re-wear.
2. You also need a basic black tee. This COS t-shirt is a good one.
3. You gotta have a Dior something! Be it a bag or this vintage Dior brooch, you need to land the connection to why he is being talked about right now.
4. If you don’t want to wear the Dior pin, opt for a pop of color with a Hook & Albert lapel flower since Raf is so typically goth. Moreover, a floral pin—or even a real boutineer—will match Raf’s affinity of florals for Dior.
5. Raf wears a lot of utilitarian things and his pants are probably the most functional: go for some skinny goth jeans from Oak. American Apparel has some options, too. Just don’t go too skinny! He doesn’t wear tight shit: it only has to be fitted.
6. Black Boots. Finish it off with some low cost things like these cheap Amazon boots. If you want to go for realness, go for them good ugly chunky leather shoes.


Drake is definitely having a moment. If not for his recently released “Hotline Bling” music video, the dude wouldn’t be trending enough to merit a costume. But now? He’s blown up and gone full meme. Everyone will know who you are if you add a little shimmy to your Halloween step.

1. You need a nice oversized sweater. Not a sweatshirt and not a button up: it’s gotta be a chunky sweater. Maybe splurge and get this big fat expensive thing? You could also do an OVO pullover.
2. Yes, I hate them—but you gotta do joggers to do Drake. These are basically everywhere now so you won’t have trouble finding a pair. You could even get some fancy joggers if you wanted.
3. Duh: Timberland boots. Bring the nineties back with these.
4. You have to have a James Turrell something. Maybe a retrospective of his LACMA show? It would look good on your bookshelf or coffee table after you use it as a prop.
5. Related: get some glow lights and fashion them into a halo. How else will you look like you are dancing in a Turrell vacuum?

Jenna Lyons J.crew jcrew halloween 2015 costume 1234KYLE5678

So you want to be a little more daring with your costume? You want to be a woman but not a woman? Be Jenna Lyons. She’s been out of the spotlight recently and J.Crew may be down right now but Lyons is an easy to execute costume that everyone will recognize. Carry around a J.Crew shopping bag, too!

1. Yes, you will need a J.Crew shirt. Try a striped button up. It has to be a pattern, though. Lyons is all about mixing pattern, the top typically more subdued than the bottom.
2. Related: you need a patterned bottom. She loves florals or bold stripes. While not in-season right now, you could get something like this to hold you over. Note that these are nicely cropped above the ankle. That’s very Jenna.
3. Jenna is nothing without her glasses. Thankfully, this is easy: just grab a cheap novelty pair.
4. She rocks some serious lipstick so go all in for this with something like Chanel. You need to be bold with your lips and Chanel has you covered.
5. A good statement heel will tie this all up. Perhaps you will go with a cheetah print or perhaps you won’t but you should get them from Target. Why? They have cheap, fashionable heels that come in large sizes. Also, every dude needs a pair of heels in their size. You will need them for Halloween and other random moments. Invest in a pair. I promise it will be worth it.
6. You gotta land that Jenna hair, too: opt for a flat, center part wig. That will do the trick.

Jaden Smith Costume 1234KYLE5678 halloween 2015

Want to be subtly crazy? Jaden Smith is your dude. Print out his Tweets and hand them out like fortunes and you are set. Be teen angst moody paired with philosophical asshole. You’ll be so After Earth, dude.

1. Douche it up with a stylized white t-shirt. Like joggers, this “curved hem tee” will add a subtle jerk to your style.
2. Also! Graphic leggings. Wear them under your shorts. Smith is all about casually subverting gender by way of comfort. Leggings are that.
3. Tuck them sock pants into some Air Jordans, too. You could actually wear either the Drake Tims or the Raf ugly boots, too. Jordans seem more retro Jaden but any faux (or actually) utilitarian boot would do.
4. This is expensive, sure, but get an oversized bomber. You might be able to snag this from a Goodwill, too.
5. But the baggy shorts? Probably have to buy those. Get them at OAK.
6. Get a weirdo knit hat like this sherpa thing. You could go for even bigger and baggier and faux-rasta if you want, too. Or even a bucket hat! Either works.
7. Yes, you will need some dreads, too. Go for this monstrosity. No, do not “tan” or darken your skin: just get the wig and people will get it.

Andy Cohen Anderson Cooper Halloween J.Crew Jcrew 1234KYLE5678 costume halloween 2015

What about a casual partner costume? Be everyone’s favorite, jealous inducing friend duo: Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper! It is such a good buddy costume. Remember to pack Anderson’s adorably dorky laugh and Andy’s slightly wonk left eye. Finish with their books, too. For the sake of building your wardrobe, I went all J.Crew with these costumes, too.

1. For Anderson, you gotta suit up—but don’t go too crazy. For example: get a relaxed blazer. It’s both structured and not and will get lots of replay value.
2. Your undershirt can’t be cool, though. Do a slightly dad button down, which feels very Anderson.
3. And match the pants to your jacket. They don’t have to be an exact match but they should feel the same.
4. Whichever Andy you are, you will need to finish with some silver hair spray. Anderson will need cans of this, to make him steely and foxy, while Andy just needs some peppering. Friends that go gray together stay together.
5. Andy is a bit more bold. Go for a colorful flannel in a simple grid pattern and leave it at that. You’ll get a lot of replay out of this shirt this season, too.
6. Complete your Andy look with some inoffensive distressed jeans because of course he wears distressed jeans. He can be painfully trendy so let this carry out the trend for you and be the appropriate opposite to the Anderson.

Anderson and Andy photo via.

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