Color Of The Moment: The Works Of Henri Rousseau

Henri Rousseau was a French self-taught “impressionist” painter. His works are dedicated to outdoor scenes, closeup greenscapes that include vivid wildlife and exaggerated florals. His works are a blend of deep jewel tones, hyperbolized variations of natural scenes: that makes them perfect for fashionable emulation. Let Henri Rousseau’s work be the color of your moment. Continue reading “Color Of The Moment: The Works Of Henri Rousseau”

Color Of The Moment: Ocotillo

I was in the desert two weekends ago and got to hang out with one of my favorite, bizarre dry weather plant: the ocotillo, formerly known as fouquieria splendens. The plants are bright, almost neon green loose leaf stems that end in fiery orange flowers. They seem to defy their surrounding existing as this strange hybrid of dense vegetation while retaining that desert spike: it’s like a cactus that has the spirit of gladioli. Continue reading “Color Of The Moment: Ocotillo”

Color Of The Moment: Lightning Ridge Opal

If you’re looking for some great looking stones for yourself or others, this New York magazine slideshow will do the trick. It also features introduced me to a stone that I have now become obsessed with, one that I think can guide your aesthetic this week: Lighting Ridge Opal. It’s not just one color but many but, for the sake of mood boarding, we’ll call it one color. Let it be ours for the moment. Continue reading “Color Of The Moment: Lightning Ridge Opal”