A 3D Printed Hat For You

3D printed clothing is in our future. They might not be the most fashionable and they might be the most trendy things ever imagined but they are inevitable just like 3D printed foods and 3D printed homes are inevitable. We’re printing the future in 3D now.

Some things will be good, though! If the work of artist and designer Heidi Lee is any indication of what might be coming, 3D printed clothing has a lot of potential. You can do things in printing that you can’t do with a sewing machine. You can customize things in a crazier way! You can make something that looks like it’s made out of plastic when it is instead a complicated fabric. Cool, right?

Lee is doing that with her Vortex Hat. It’s a gridded Tron wardrobe item that is a genius matching of futurism and fashion fun. Lee can customize the hats to be visors or full hats or a combination of whatever you want on your head. Instead of it being rigid plastic like the food baskets they obviously resemble, the hat is made out of printed nylon. Nylon! The hat can come in any Pantone color you want, too. That’s some cool shit.

The hats are not cheap (Duh.) and can be bought online for $120. As New York pointed out, these are next level bespoke wears. The 3D printed future is still coming and may be annoying but, if Lee’s work is any indication of anything, we can be hopeful that not everything will be awful.

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