A Bit Of Honey

Honey Dijon is a great electronic artist. Her sun has been rising for about a year now and she’s poised to have a big break out moment very soon.

As a part of her press pushing and coverage, she recently was the subject of a fantastic micro-doc from Fusion as a part of a mini-showcase of transwomen facing work challenges. Honey’s story is a window into both the origins of electronic music and her own queer experience: she found herself in the clubs by way of drag and LGBT parties and, now, is a respected DJ. She details her struggle to find her footing and, while her family supported her, it wasn’t easy to break through—but she did and still is.

The doc is a little over a minute long and totally worth watching. She’s super eloquent and has a lot of good takeaways. If you want to dig deeper into the honey pot, dive into her Soundcloud. I can also recommend her Beats In Space mix and her Classics Through The Eyes Of mix.

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