A Case Against Social Media

With all this talk about how awful Facebook is and how social media site are enabling a terrible reality, what if we just got rid of them? Wouldn’t life be simpler? More calm? In a way, normal?

That is a fantasy. We may never see life without these traps of connectivity that are sites like Twitter and Instagram and YouTube, etc., etc., etc.: the future is a dumb dystopia and these are one of the many manifestations of the bullshit we must endure. Simpler times were indeed simpler and we will never have them again, at least not until the Bay area has become host to a pool of melted iceberg water.

But why is something like Facebook bad? We all have hunches but what do the experts say about this? Well, here is a very succinct summation by way of Axios, who spoke with NYU professor and digital genius Scott Galloway. Here’s his assessment on the case against social media.

“FB has fomented the false notion that connecting the world is a good thing,” Galloway said. “We, as a species, are tribal and lies spread faster than truth. With no guardrails or (expensive) human discretion screening content/advertisers, we have offered up the mother of all Trojan horses for bad actors.”

Yeeps. He’s right – and is exactly what we’re going through now.

While I may gnash my teeth toward social media, hoping it all goes away for the sake of my personal sanity, the macro issue is much larger: it’s a means to make a mass delusion, to keep truth at bay. Then again, the opposite could be said but, alas, we’re living in a time when the dumbest of the dumb are getting amplified attention, mostly as a result of something like Facebook.

Thanks, Zuck. Eat your own dick.

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