A Delicious Fake News Story About RuPaul & Donald Trump

If you’re unaware, drag icon RuPaul fucking hates Donald Trump. Like, she hate, hate, hates our president.

Here to blur the truth of her hate is the fake news cycle which – as we all know – is as hysterically bonkers as it is a meddling monster that is gaslighting many a lazy American who don’t care to fact check a story, who see anything printed (“printed”) online as fact. This is a problem, this is a fact, this is the reality that is 2017. To this, I was tempted by a hysterical fake news story that, somehow, popped up in my online world for no other reason than hashtag Internet.

The story has to do with RuPaul and Donald Trump and is trending so perfectly given the rising, troubling revelations of sexual harassment at the hands of powerful, disgusting men. The story – whose headline reads “RUPAUL CLAIMS TRUMP TOUCHED HIM INAPPROPRIATELY IN THE 1990S” – was published by the “credible” site World News Daily Report and claims that another “credible” publication called Hollywood Inquirer has said scoop. The story claims that Trump went after Ru at the 1995 release party for To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar.

“I had just come out of the bathroom when Trump jumped on me and kissed me”, he explained. “He started grabbing my ass and pulled my dress up to grab my genitals. He suddenly became very angry. He started yelling and cursing, and he left the party.”

It gets better, as they say.

Rupaul says he found Donald Trump attractive before this incident, but that he was shocked by his rudeness and vulgarity.

Isn’t this great? It’s so great.

But, alas, it’s totally fake. The story must have gotten so much traction that even Snopes debunked it. Imagine – Imagine! – if this were true. First, Ru would have sung this louder than the Hollywood Inquirer and we would have never heard the end of it. Second, we surely would have gotten the pee pee tapes if Trump’s crossdressing proclivities were revealed. Again: if only.

Here’s to you, fake news. Thanks for the good times – and the suggestion of an alternate reality that isn’t.

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