A Dog, A Trump, & A National Enquirer

What does a dog, Donald Trump, and The National Enquirer have in common? They might seem very distant or only casually related but they’re actually very intertwined subjects.

To explain, let’s step back a few months ago when Donald Trump turned down the chance to get a presidential dog. The pet was to come from Lois Pope. Many of the stories about her and the dog—from The Washington Post to Fox News to Pope’s own PR release on the matter—leave an important detail out: Lois Pope is the widow of Generoso Pope Jr., the founder of The National Enquirer.

The New York Post explains.

Lois Pope, a Palm Beach, Fla., philanthropist and a longtime friend of the president-elect, believes a pooch belongs in the White House and began searching for a hypoallergenic breed for Trump once he won the election.

“Every president has had a first dog, and he did not have a dog,” said Pope, 83, whose husband, Generoso Jr., founded The National Enquirer and left her $200 million after his death in 1988. “I wanted to find a dog with a great disposition, and I didn’t want a small dog. He’s a guy who is 6-foot-2. He doesn’t want a small dog.”


While Pope is an advocate for dog welfare, she is anything but a casual acquaintance with Trump. In fact, the two are Palm Beach buddies whose lives have been intertwined.

A local news story regarding Trump’s 2005 wedding to “a European fashion model” at Mar-A-Lago spills some beans on their relationship as it relates to the quaint Florida area accepting the future president’s golden, gaudy style

Pope, who calls herself a Trump friend, said she knows there are those in Palm Beach struggling to get used to Trump’s style.

“There are probably people who probably don’t like what he’s done,” she said. “I run into it occasionally, and I defend him. I think he’s made people happier, and therefore Palm Beach is a better place to live.”

Interesting as well given recent local Florida backlash against Trump.

Pope has an interesting hand in many of Trump’s worlds—politics, Florida, a major “fake news” publication, a potential presidential pet—that makes her a very curious third-party character in America right now. She is financing a national monument for military dogs. She supported Trump in the area on Super Tuesday. Curiously, Pope donated to Trump and Clinton alike, offering $2700 to Clinton and $423 to Trump.

What’s more curious is The National Enquirer has become quite cozy with the future-and-now president, independent of this coziness with Pope. As The Washington Post, Vanity Fair, Bloomberg, and Thinkprogress reported, Trump and the CEO who publishes EnquirerDavid Pecker—are quite good friends. Accordingly Pecker has offered the supermarket laffer as a voice box for the president. None of these stories reports Pope, who was married to the magazine’s founder.

What does this all mean? A rash of boastful, false stories that glorify Trump while obscuring truth. Take a peek at the very pro-Trump items that bend the original tabloid model of smoke-and-mirror information into the reality pulp that surrounds us in all media. Here are a handful of stories from the past few months, from newest to eldest, that exemplify this propaganda populist relationship.

• Trump Blasts Hillary For Giving Russia Nukes
• Barack Obama Wiretapped Trump — The Shocking Proof
• Donald Trump: ‘How I’m Cleaning Up Obama’s Mess’
• Obama’s Plot To Impeach Donald Trump
• Obama’s Secret Plot To Impeach Donald Trump
• Trump-Putin Summit: Secrets Of Their Historic Meeting
• Muslim Spies Inside Obama’s CIA — Trump’s Greatest Challenge
• Sorry, Pollsters! Find Out How The National ENQUIRER Predicted President Trump
• Hillary Clinton Hooked On Narcotics
• Sex-Addicted ‘Monster!’ Bill Clinton’s Mistress Speaks Out
• Sorry, Hillary! Kim Announces She’s Ditching Clinton For Donald Trump

Again: interesting.

What does this all mean? I’m unsure but there is something more happening than a benevolent dog owner swooping in to lend and takeaway a puppy for the president.

In fact, having interacted with the super rich in school and work, this is a lesson for those who have not: this is top level, above-the-fray interaction that rich people have and that affect and are carried out by the not-rich. Regardless of Pope’s leanings and canine benevolence, these two are operating in a universe that is above politics and day-to-day living which illustrates just how careless Donald Trump is in regards to an office like the president. He has such a fortune that he is infallible from all the problems of the world. America might come crashing down in war, the economy might collapse into husk of itself, climate change might swallow half the nation in watery tremors, but people like he and Pope will prevail because they have the power of the purse. They can buy tickets elsewhere, to a new life on higher lands.

Can people like you and I do that? No. We nary have the capital. Pope owning a publication that puffs up a president she doesn’t agree with as she hands him a puppy is a symbol of what’s wrong with a lot of things: it’s rich people problems, where conflicts of interests don’t matter, where their situation is far from the ordinary world.

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