A Few New Songs I’ve Been Obsessed With And Am Writing About Because I Have Nothing Else To Say At The Moment Also It’s Friday

Fridays are new music days. You should be listening to new music!

I’ve been into some new songs and, because I have nothing else to write about, here’s a selection of new songs that I hope will turn you on because I have nothing else to write about at the moment. Enjoy! I am enjoying them!

Christine and the Queens‘ “Girlfriend”
Few songs make my nipples hard but, boy, this song makes my nipples fucking hardHéloïse Letissier is back with a collaboration between Los Angeles’ own Dâm-Funk for a fucking butt bumping beat called “Girlfriend.” The song is a delightful waffle between lovers, both in terms of sexuality and gender dynamics. And the video? Just rip my fucking nipples off and stuff them in Letissier’s mouth. It kills me and proves that, yes, Christine and the Queens is the only woman I am sexually attracted to. (Also, sidebar: I wish I had her body.) (Also also, sidebar sidebar: the song’s available in French too.)

Wild Nothing‘s “Letting Go”
Whenever I listen to the anything by Wild Nothing before the very dry Life of Pause, I think about Bobby and how much I love him because the songs are just so romantic and it is what we were both listening to independently of each other when we first met – and then we started listening to them together. Well, I’m very happy to report that the band (Jack Tatum, mostly.) is back and they are pretending like the 2016 eh effort never happened: the first single “Letting Go” is aggressive dream pop magic here to ease you into Summer. I cannot wait for this album.

DJ Call Me‘s “Marry Me”
This song has an incredible backstory of being an African club hit that was exported to Europe where it became a European club hit. Now it is in my fucking ears and is maybe the best song of the year: it’s a kwaito jam that makes you booty bounce as a femme voice gushes over how excited she is to marry someone. It’s an incredible dance song that has been called “one of the most hated yet most played song in South Africa.” Why? Because it will firmly lodge itself in your head and will never leave. Listen with caution.

Oneohtrix Point Never‘s “Toys 2”
Daniel Lopatin is back and his new album is fantastic (and seemingly an effort to delete his shitty last album, G.O.D.). His new album – Age Of – is about the decay of humanity and the humanity of decay all through the metaphor of a fake harpsichord. At least that’s my analysis! It’s an emotional record (To me! I’d write more about this album but I am mad at him for selling out!) and it’s songs like “Toys 2” that really cut right through you, creating a sonic world of digitized blue skies and neon clouds. It’s a chance for whimsy and heart gushing through his post-apocalyptic styling. He also made it as a demo to score a Pixar film.

Galcher Lustwerk‘s “Wristbands”
Galcher is the shit. His upcoming mixtape/mix 200% Galcher is going to blow my crotch up because, if the lead single “Writstbands” is any indication, it’s going to be more neo-acid house through his “I’m the shit.” perspective. I can’t wait.

Tiga & Clarian‘s “You’re So Special”
This is maybe the eldest song on the list (Well, “Marry You” is very old but rereleased.) and it’s an aggressive electro jam about how someone is so great. It’s so positive but the sonic landscape is very much not that! It’s an ironic, oxymoronic song that makes you want to get out and shake your ass while thinking about how lovely a person is. Quite an accomplishment, Tiga and Clarian.

Defector‘s “Crowbar”
This is the year of the compilation and the new Palestinian benefitting Never A Land Without People is further proof of this. The curation of songs are forwardly political and are an exciting, sometimes serious approach to commentary via experimental music. Deflector’s “Crowbar” is one of the album’s finest moments and, although I know nothing about this artist, I certainly want more from them.

SOPHIE‘s “Is It Cold In The Water?”
I’ve always been hot and cold on SOPHIE but her debut (“debut”) album is a phenomenal crashing of industrial dance sounds with outer space pop. Typical SOPHIE! But there’s one point on the album, approximately the mid-point, after riding the hump that are the smartly stacked singles, where you get something new: “Is It Cold In The Water?” The song is an icy epic that feels like stepping into her mind, officially, and is – in many ways – a metaphor for coming out and for getting into the pool of life as you, for better or worse. (And, really, this is the alternate universe Pride album I’ve been waiting for but didn’t know I needed. This song – along with “It’s Okay To Cry” – are my lavender summer anthems.)

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