Reminder: Don’t Put A Hair Straightener On Your Penis

Being in a relationship is hard. People have a variety of interests and sometimes that means one person might step out on another. It’s a tough situation for any couple but it can be recovered from: it’s not game over. If you both are creative, you learn to fix things and to compromise and even find fair punishment. Maybe you will make your spouse go to therapy. Maybe you will order them to get a new phone. Or maybe the two of you will move to a new city? Whatever works!

Another idea: maybe try burning your man’s dick and balls because he cheated. Maybe try taking a hair iron and placing it to his bits, to show him that—yes—this is a big deal and—yes—he cannot do this again. Maybe—wait: huh? Who would ever do that? That’s so fucked up.

Because we are in a world of bat shit insanity, an Australian couple had a deal where, should the husband cheat, a searing hair straightener to his dick would be the punishment. This is not a joke: this is a real news story. It’s so fucked up!

Perhaps this husband thought a hair straightener or curling iron to the dick might not be that bad…? Does he know what a hair straightener is? He should—and you should too, in case you find yourself with this as your ultimatum. For example, watch this to get an idea of the verocity of curling irons and straigheners.

Another example:

Here’s another example:

Need more? Here:

Why not look at another one?

Oh! You can even use a hair straightener to cook, too.

So, no, don’t let anyone ever get near your dick with a hot hair iron anything. Don’t use this on your lover as a way to get back at him. Hot hair devices should only be used on hair and, even then, that shit seems fucked up.

This is concludes my public service announcement advising against dick burns.

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