A Floating Death Machine

The music Ben Frost makes kind of sounds like planes crashing. He crunches up found sounds of machines and grinds them into a metallic ambiance that’s both airy and light and heavy and rough. I once listened to his album A U R O R A on a flight as I was trying to sleep and, I shit you not, it sounded like the plane was going to crash for an hour.

Frost’s spacey flight sound has been tapped in a very clever way by Channel 4 News: they had him score a mini-documentary about an aircraft carrier. Along with photographer Richard Mosse as director and cinematographer Trevor Tweeten as editor, the trio boarded the floating American death machine that is the USS Theodore Roosevelt. The film—Bombing Isis—follows how the ship hopes to take down terrorists paired with fucking beautiful footage of planes flying on and off of the giant boat airfield. It’s artillery porn prepared in an anti-war mindset.

It’s a gorgeous film but a bit frightening given the subject. Frost literally underscores this with his huge, booming manipulations of flight sounds. His sounds are very effective. It’s a great little watch but has one glaring annoyance: you would think the movie was made in 2005 as a sequel to Fahrenheit 9/11. While I absolutely agree with holding these people and their actions in a critical light, the execution of it feels a bit dated strictly from conversational content. This doesn’t negate that it’s a great film: anti-American, anti-Freedom Fries sentiments just seem so passé.

You can watch Bombing Isis below.

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