A Gayer, NSFW-er Gay Semiotics

In 1977, artist Hal Fischer‘s Gay Semiotics defined what being gay looked like.

The book was a guide on how to spot queer men in the wild by catching signifiers and tools of the trade, on the streets and in the bedroom. Think of it as a gay Pokédex. Gay Semiotics was rereleased in 2015 and had a little boom in the queer book scene as a fusing of past and present LGBTQ ephemera. If you haven’t read or seen the book, it’s a must. It’s funny and silly, sexy while being frank, a bundle of past, present, and future experiences. It both pokes fun at the culture while putting it on display in a very, very brash way.

Musician Brendan Maclean must be a fan of the work since the latest single off his album funbang1 is a dirty, raunchy, sexy, gross, great retelling of the Gay Semiotics narrative. Using a handful of actors, the static scenes in the book are recreated as a guide to explain the ways and means of LGBTQ men.

Set to Maclean’s eighties riffing “House Of Air,” the video brings Fischer’s men together to fuck each other with annotations to explain what is going on. The tongue-and-cheek homage is like watching a porn pop-up video as you see a man get creamed on, fisted, or even shit on. The video offers a playful, sexy take on often staid and joyless sex guides, creating something that would probably tickle Fischer out of his mind.

Credit is way overdue to directing duo Brian & Karl who crafted an homage that very much exists on its own. It’s the sort of creation that is directly referencing something else while pushing forward a new LGBTQ media item. It’s quite good.

Do note though, as obvious as it sounds: the video is beyond not safe for work. Watch this at home and giggle at how over the top explicit it is. Even John Waters might blush in a viewing. Watch the video here.

Enjoy, you sexed up queerdos.

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