A Goat To Break Gender

Here’s a great story: some goat in Gaza is causing a big gender debate. The farm animal in question is a hermaphrodite and has both male privates and a working udder. People have been obsessing over the animal because folklore (or something) has people thinking it’s secretions can cure ailments like infertility and eye diseases. The problem is police see the goat as a means to fool the public, that the animal is a fake—and they want it killed.

The solution lies in having the animal’s milk tested, to verify that it is indeed milk instead of fake white juice. The answer will let the goat live (and the owners continue to profit from it) but it’s totally a win for atypical gender—and something to learn from. I’m not familiar with the views of different gender in Gazan culture but wouldn’t it be awesome if this somewhat magical nature of the goat was how people viewed transgender and differing gendered persons? What if they were considered powerful and otherworldly because they’re so atypical?

I would love that. I wish this was the case. Yet, part of this story does highlight a sad reality: persons (or animals) of different gender circumstance are always exhibited as the other, the irresistible freak. Yes, freaking can be appealing but it is always framed in being not-normal in a bad way.

Anyway, it’s a cool story about a cool goat. You keep on doing your thing, goat. You keep making that milk and having you a pee pee.

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