A Peek Into The Luscious Post-Eighties: Deee-Lite At Wigstock 1990

A band like Deee-Lite is not only a rare gem from a distinct era. They are a distillation of the idea of the nineties, visually and sonically, and big hits like “Groove Is In The Heart” feel definitive of the decade: Deee-Lite is the nineties.

While they were a popular band, you would assume that limited people were able to see them in their prime performing Deee-Lite as Deee-Lite, without any interruption by the music or entertainment industries. What did that look like? Thanks to Hint Fashion Magazine, we have a peek into this lo-fi neon world. The publication posted a video of the band performing at the 1990 Wigstock.

The video is a near eight minute jettison of gyrating hips and high kicks, all in a very tiny room that has frontwoman Lady Miss Kier skipping back and forth as she sings “Groove Is In The Heart” and other Deee-Lite james. There are various big wigged dancers and adorable choreography that, while rehearsed, is as formalized as it is natural. It’s like someone walked in on a group of people dancing in the street, tied a velvet rope around them, and then called it a performance. It’s so great.

As the video notes, this performance is from the year that Deee-Lite became Deee-Lite, hence the incredible and infectious underground energy. While it is excessive, sure, there is a great simplicity and underthinking in this performance presentation: let’s have more of this, please. More performers should just dance around with a boombox and sing on occasion: full bands are totally overrated! As Skin Town noted, this video inspires some major live set goals.

Deee-Lite at Wigstock (1990)

Deee-lite performing 'Groove Is In the Heart' at Wigstock in 1990, the year they debuted. You couldn't ask for another! (Hintmag.com)

Posted by Hint Fashion Magazine on Monday, August 10, 2015

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