A Perfect Anime Opus

Anime is really boring to me. There are a few entries in the genre I totally dig (like Akira) and I have a feeling I may enjoy Memories. Then again, that is only because of Daniel Lopatin’s Oneohtrix Point Never retroactive score for the first episode in the film, Magnetic Rose.

His score is a near twenty minute polished platinum imagining of the film. It takes Lopatain’s synthesized orchestral and choral sounds which he organizes in a pattern reflective of the film’s story: it begins with rising sinister future drumming (finding a distressed space station) into brightly keyed and “sung” devil church music (the discovery of the operatic connection—and the paranormal) into the lengthy and unsettling garbled chanting suffocated under a dark ambient glow (the draw and eventual fall at the hands of space ghosts). The song and it’s movements are a remarkable fake soundtrack to a movie I have never seen but, having been in the presence of many an anime (and bored by many animes), this song captures the life and mood that I always hope to get from the films.

Yes, it could be confused for music from a combination of Skyrim and Mad Max. I like that, though. This darkness that Lopatin has created is so bright and shiny. While it may blind you, you willingly wander into it. As the title suggest, it is definitely magnetic and charged. The song is featured on 0PN’s latest release Commissions II, a small collection of works for other people. Listen to it below.

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