A Podcast About All Of The Things

We’re all busy. We’re all on and offline, with news whizzing by us from our friends, our family, and news organizations desperate to get your click. It’s easy to miss pertinent stories and, sometimes, you ended up feeling your own corner of the Internet so much that you never get to hear about anything else. How do you keep a balance?

Here’s something that might help: All Of The Things, a little podcast that breezes through all the news you did and did not hear about, a quick and digestible breakdown of the world this week. Hosted by Funmi Akinyode and Jenny Churchill—who, full disclosure, are good friends—the podcast feels like fast, educated dinner party conversation. The two casually do mid-level dives into news stories you know—Hilldawg’s Benghazi business, Canadian elections, new Kanye songs—to the more obscure, like death penalty dramas in Ohio and CIA hacks by way of Verizon. It’s smart listening for everyone from your young Political Science studying sibling to your very vocally Libertarian aunt or uncle.

All Of The Things is successful because it feels so anti-now: it’s a half-hour relaxed analyzing of politics and news conducted like pop cultural fun. Yes, there are some entertainment bites but the bulk of the show is dedicated to actual news instead of grating Kardashian speak or digital celebrity chatter. It is nice to hear. It’s fucking adult.

Funmi and Jenny are so fun, too: there is a banter quality akin to a younger Audie Cornish and Melissa Block of All Things Considered. There is an intelligence, wit, and dorkiness that makes it very appealing—and speedy. It moves a lot faster than it should thanks to curse words and snappy transitions. However, as a public radio nerd, I do wish there was a bit more production polish but, hey, #PODCASTS.

All Of The Things comes out very early Friday mornings and can be found on Soundcloud and iTunes. “But why then?” because it’s the perfect thing to listen to as you get ready to go to work or during your commute, a little pre-weekend prep to help you educate your cocktail conversation. Listen to this week’s episode below.

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