A Poem For Mother

I’ve been trying to do this thing where I gift people poems for special occasions instead of gifts.

This is an effort to be more intentional, to create art for people, and to reduce waste. It means a lot to people, to write them something sweet! I highly recommend everyone use their artistic talents to deploy as gifts. Serenade someone, make a portrait for them, design them a website: these are little, low-lift ways to wow and show your love that have a huge impact on people and a small impact on the planet (environmentally speaking, that is).

I did that this past weekend for Mother’s Day: I wrote my mom a poem. I didn’t know what I wanted to write it about (besides her, really) and it turned into this examination of the importance of women in the world and to me. I rather liked it and thusly wanted to share, as a belated Mother’s Day gift to all.

And what greater gift than poetry? I cannot stress the power and poignancy of the form. It’s often overlooked as too abstract or too strange but that does the genre a disservice. Read poetry. Practice poetry.

Enjoy this poem for mother. I do not think it is that great but I wrote it with love and it made my mother tear up.

The world was born of a woman
Life is of women, of mothers
She – You – have created so much
She leaves a path of hope in each step
Little flowers, tall trees,
Puppies and people
To be a mom is to be a bomb
Not of destruction but of
Peace, love, charity
The selflessness of the virgin
A spark of life to banish hopelessness
The world is in her hands
This is her moment
(Yes, this mom, men) (t)
Thank you from all your people
The world loves you
I love you

Happy Mother’s Day 2018, Mom

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