A Pot For All 2016 Days Of 2016

What are you doing in 2016? I’m trying to do lots and, while I’m not doing something every day, this is the time of year when artists take on projects that see them doing something new every day—and it always yields treats.

One of the best things happening in terms of “Artist Does Something For Every Day This Year” is a project from artsy Italian company Matteo Cibic: they’re making a unique pot every day of 2016 in homage to artist Giorgio Morandi. Called Vaso Naso, the project sees the company studying Morandi’s still lifes, which were all dedicated to various bottles and objects. With their own unique pots, Matteo is going to—Hopefully.—unlock Morandi’s thought process in his paintings.

matteo cibic Vase VasoNaso 1234KYLE5678 2016 2

While a daily creative task is interesting, the project will be worth keeping up with since the vases are so fucking wild and wonderful and weird. Just look at these little dudes! They are soft and sweetly colored, featuring bulbs and bumps and all these fun little lumps, forms that look like the vases have grown some sort of growth in the kiln. Maybe they actually grew into faces in the kiln? They look like they did.

You can catch the pots for eighty five Euros (At least that’s how much it was for today?) every day through December 31 of this year. You should try to get your hands on them, which may be difficult for us in America because they are available at 12AM GMT every day. Can’t be kept up trying? You can pre-order a Vaso Naso of the future. Check out a preview with Design Boom if you want to know what to expect.

matteo cibic Vase VasoNaso 1234KYLE5678 2016 3

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