A Queer Poet’s Review Of Call Me By Your Name

Poets are adorably on the outskirts of mainstream entertainment, looking in at what everyone is consuming with a question: Why?

There is often a participation with this question in mind but poets always seem to be wondering, psychoanalyzing through their art. Why do we love what we love? Why do we hate what we hate? Why are we attractive or unattractive? Why do we care? Why?

I wasn’t looking for this but I was recently presented with a Why? via poet Eileen Myles. I was doing a little research on them and came across perfect, poetic thoughts on a movie I hate: Call Me By Your Name.

There isn’t much setup here outside of these thoughts being captured in a recent enough interview with The Guardian.

This recent success hasn’t made Myles any less allergic to conventional narratives. Two of the most universally well reviewed films of the last few months, Call Me By Your Name and Lady Bird are, hilariously, targeted by Myles for their singular awfulness. “Crap! This is a deeply conservative film,” says Myles of Lady Bird. “It’s an ambitious, funny, tale of Greta Gerwig, but it’s also girl makes good, and it’s corny. The kinks are there but it all leads to the right place.” And Call Me By Your Name, “the piece of shit movie. Horrible. Porn of so many kinds. Landscape porn, Italy porn, a healthy gay relationship and unbelievable parenting.” (A film Myles liked recently was Sean Baker’s The Florida Project, which follows the life of a six year old girl living in homeless limbo in a motel in Florida).

Porn. Porn! It very much is, that not-gay gay garbage. Thankfully poets like Myles are here to drop in, analyze, and leave the scene with us either radically offended or refreshingly fulfilled. Such is poetry.

A bonus: Myles has taken to Tweeting their distaste of the film too. “Call me by your name is porn of the most middlin kind,” they Tweeted in response to art critic Jerry Saltz.” I want, I want consumerism.” This thought was a continuation of an early Tweet too, this one prompted by a Pitchfork Tweet: “We laughed so hard at this bullshit movie. Porn of all kinds: landscape, Italy, good healthy gay positive parenting for intergenerational sex, and misogynist porn – does Mom know? No, smile between men about dumb bitch.”

“Smile between men about dumb bitch.”: I hope that is the title of their latest, straight man-bashing poetry.

I relish in a good bash. Soup for my soul. Bless the poets. Bless Eileen Myles.

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