A .gif Story About Past, Present, & Future

Some things are just so beautiful and confusing and strange that they deserve a much closer look than they’re getting. One of those things is illustrator and graphic novelist Richard McGuire‘s “HERE” comics being turned into a .gif.

To explain, let’s travel to 2014, when McGuire’s graphic novel of the same name came out. The book is about a corner of a room and how that space—in and out of the room—has changed over time. It is an expanded version of an original, late eighties produced six paneled comic, an irony of time travel that is not lost on the author. He layers stories of a family in different time zones, flashing forward and backwards to explain how this place became and what it sits atop of and what will sit atop of it.

While I’ve not read the new book, I have interacted with the older, initial idea of the comic in .gif form—and it is an example in narrative greatness. What McGuire does is place story and space over story and space making a fusion sci-fi reality drama. While the original comic is so wonderful, its new .gif form clarifies the tale and is an example of perfect adaptation.

It’s an amazing little movie, an enlivening romp through time as a reminder of our own romping through time. While the below .gif made by a kind Internet person whose name I don’t know, do know that it goes super fast and trying to keep up with what’s going on is part of the fun as you track the story, following who is going where and when and how. It’s surprisingly long and, if you miss anything, feel free to watch it again because it’s going to loop into infinity.

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For those who want a bit of a break, catch a portion of the original here.

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