A Table Made Of T-Shirts

Classical sculpture perfected the human form. Somehow, these antiquity artists were able to refine rocks down to smooth people. These figures were naked and not and, even with props, the image created is antithetical to the material: stone shouldn’t be as precious as these artists could make them.

One of the most impressive aspects of these works was the fabric. They draped and slunk off the body, rippling over shoulders and hips that further defied the medium. The human form is common, sure, but the materials that covered them have an odd liquidness that can be both simple and greatly complicated in their flowing on and off the body.

Venice, California designer Sean Knibb has an admiration for stone’s transformation and has honored it with a table made out of t-shirts. This does not seem to connect to the inspiration: t-shirts are a fluid material and are not stone. Yet, the effect of Knibb’s table is something new and entirely unique as it casts common, modern objects like undershirts as marble surfaces. He’s somehow created the inverse of classic sculpture by using the hardest thing to make in stone to represent stone.

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The effect is terrific. It’s not only smart but it’s obviously ridiculous. It’s a hysterical, lovely design object that needs to be out in the public for all to enjoy. Perhaps in a hotel lobby? Well, that actually happened on the ceiling of Koreatown in Los Angeles’ Line Hotel. No, this is not the T-Shirt Table but you get the same rippling stone effect using fabric.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Knibb’s work, he has a fairly dreamy and obviously impressive double installation up at Poketo right now. It’s the marriage of his chairs with plant life. Again, he’s playing with the contrast of form and naturalness in an exciting way. They’re no majestic t-shirt table, sure, but they’re undoubtedly magical.

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