A Trick To Tame Bad LED Lighting

There’s something about LED lighting that I do not light.

They’re so sterile and fake and, generally, remind of lighting that drug dealers might use to grow marijuana. LED lighting is gross looking but, hey, they’re generally better for the environment while being far from perfect. We, unfortunately, have to live through the growing pains of their looking cuter.

In the interim, I have a high-end design solution that I just remembered from an interview I did with cool dude duo Formafantasma. I interviewed the guys for CoolHunting back in April and was able to extract information about fixing LED lighting after complaining about my own struggles with the technology in observing their very innovative handlings of the light.

The duo consists of Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin who both understand that LEDs are gross but are what we have to work with. “That’s a necessity nowadays,” Trimarchi said of the lights. “This is the reality. We need to design for it.”

“The major problem is the color,” he noted, which is exactly what I’ve been struggling with: it looks like a drug den because the colors are too blue.

So how do you fix this? With a piece of parchment paper. “You know the baking paper? The brown-ish baking paper?” Farresin asked. “We played with that…We had to add that on top.” And, voila, you have tamed your lighting and can make some pretty fun things in the hopes of taming an ugly light.

Be concerned with lighting no more with this quick fix—and know the solution has more than one purpose too. As Trimarchi said, “Make a cake and put that in front of your bulbs.” Problem solved.

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