A Tucking Tutorial

What do drag queens do to their dicks when they “tuck”? That’s always been a mystery to me and, frankly, a deterrent from attempting to drag myself into drag. Thankfully, I have some answers thanks to RuPaul’s Drag Con.

The event hosted a talk between Gia Gunn and Willam on the subject of making your penis disappear. The talk has made its way onto YouTube and features Gunn clamoring for attention and Willam as an especially lucid version of herself but that same, necessary frankness that you’ve come to appreciate from her. You learn that tape and measuring is really important in hiding your shit—and that your balls basically live in your stomach. Washing your hands is important (Keeps your skin dry!) and you will strive to feel like you are “fucking yourself.” Did you know the after product is called “Man Meat Pussy”? Neither did I. Good to know.

If you were wondering how it all works, the two have a model that they tuck and Willam even gives you a sneak peek at a professional tuck by showing you hers. Gia does the same but hers is a bit more covered, if you will. It’s all on tape too, which you can watch below. It’s absolutely vital information for any fan of a drag queen.

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