Actual GOP Is Actually Very Entertaining

With the 2016 election coming up next year and both The Colbert Report and the original The Daily Show gone from the political landscape, we’re going to need some genuine funnies outside of Fox News foibles to get us through the highs and lows of the Republican party. Like what? A Vine dedicated to ridiculous GOP antics.

The uplifting, seemingly parodic account is Actual GOP. The online channel rakes actual news footage and speeches from the right, reframing and stretching and thinning them out into comical examinations of what the Republicans are actually like. It’s kind of a mirror of ridiculousness paired with the absurdity of something like Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Good Job!.

Actual GOP is just getting going as they’ve only released nine videos. There is some real craftsmanship here, to. If you aren’t on Vine, you will absolutely see these floating around for the next year as they are wonderful pop cultural/political commentary needed to survive the election.

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