Adam Parker Smith’s Collage Sculptures

Adam Parker Smith is a funny artist: his works have a great humor to them. Whether they are hairy paintings or dick mirrors or literal shutter shades, they are beautiful art riffs on popular culture. His most recent work collides his pop leanings with industrial, thrift store aesthetics: they are crazy collage sculptures.

The works are wall mounted 3D assemblage pieces that take everything from pool noodles to jump ropes to wall paper to blinds to candles to balloons and fixes them to a grid. It’s a bit like when the house at the end of Poltergeist implodes, all the shit people purchased being sucked into the asshole of the universe (and looking like a beautiful mess in the process). It’s a still dance of materials, a whirlpool of trash paused for inspection of how these objects interact. They’re maximalist and ridiculous while being captivating: that asshole truly sucks you in, unable to look away.

You can tell that these sculptures are the culmination of so many of his previous themes and sculptural collisions. While these aren’t directly “funny,” the humor in these comes from their making fun of our consumption and our over production of shit: we are this shit and this shit is us. Yes, the joke here is the most grim but also the most appealing, visually.

Adam Parker Smith's Collage Sculpture 1234KYLE5678 2

Adam Parker Smith's Collage Sculpture 1234KYLE5678 3

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