Addiction On Instagram

Is there anything funny about Louise Delage on Instagram?

Her Instagram looks like so many of our own: a fun, attractive enough, twentysomething or thirtysomething who likes to be active and travel and go out. Normal, yes, just like you and I or that person or that person or that person you know or follow. In a sense, we’re all the same.

But look closer: anything odd about her? On the surface, there doesn’t seem to be anything amiss but there are two threads tying her online identity together: herself and alcohol. If you examine her pictures closely, nearly all of them include booze in the photos. Framed as lifestyle aspirations, she coaxes you to “be like her” or let yourself wander into FOMO territory by lusting for her life and style. She seems so perfect.

Well, Delage isn’t real but instead a social experiment to highlight addiction via social media. As AdWeek pointed out, Louise was created as a means to highlight addiction, specifically alcoholism. It might not look like it but that lifestyle Louise leads is textbook alcoholism. “She looks just like me?” you ask. “She looks just like my friends,” you say. Well, that’s the point.

“Out of every five deaths of young people annually, one is from addiction,” AdWeek notes via Addict Aide, the group behind the campaign, which was executed with production company Francine Framboise. By crafty posting times and targeted hashtags, Delage’s Instagram accrued over 50K followers in a matter of months. People praised her photos and what she was up to but no one seemed to notice what she was “all about.” As the name of the campaign concludes, the effort was to highlight how we all “like my addiction.”

Catch the reveal video for the campaign below and peruse the Instagram in question here. Then, revel in the fruits of addiction wokeness as you’ll be watching your and your friend’s social postings much more closely.

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