Alan Fitzpatrick Gives Róisín Murphy A Makeover

Hairless Toys, the latest album from art pop sensation Róisín Murphy, is less than two weeks away from its debut on your ears. Two songs have come out thus far: loungey sex whisper “Gone Fishing” and the wonderfully big, messy, organic-electric stretch that is “Exploitation.” The latter was is a bizarre late night post-disco something ripe for toying with and, thankfully,

The remix suffocates the song in the underlying darkness that it already lives in, transforming it into a quicker dark techno mass. He keeps traces of Murphy’s vocals and adds in a matte black thumping bass that he plinks the original creations in and out of. The drum machine here is particularly pleasurable with how straightforward it is, recalling the simplicity of a song like “Olio” by The Rapture. The remix has been a fairly unremarkable platform recently but Fitzpatrick’s rework makes a good case for why remixes should exist.

I’m not saying all of this because Alan and I share the same last name either: it’s a legit song that is so far removed from the original that it stands on its own. It’s derivative in the necessary, required ways but absolutely individual. Listen below. (Also, the original video for “Exploitation” is excellent.)

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