Alexander Wang Water

Because it’s Fashion Week and superfuckinghot in California, we should probably talk about fancy water made by a fashion designer. Are there any out there? Of course there are.

Experimental minimalist Alexander Wang and French classic hydrationist Evian have teamed up for an unnecessarily necessary collaboration where Wang made his own version of the water brand’s elegant original. Yes, the bottle is a fusion of a favored new Wang logo printed onto a water bottle—and it’s so fun. It’s at both ends of the water spectrum, at the hot and the cold. It’s long and short, a bit of luxury compacted into centiliters for you to drink. Like most fashionable things, it’s disposable. Wang’s collaboration—the ninth in the series of Evian’s designer waters—feels to jab most at this idea: why buy his expensive ass shirt when you could get it on a disposable water bottle? How bittersweet is that?

The funny surprise behind this is that Wang actually has a history with water products. His collaboration with Evian is obviously the most mainstreamed of them all but it certainly isn’t a shocking pairing. The bottles should be rolling out soon and probably will be both expensive and cheap. Why? It’s water designed by a fashion designer. It will never not be a common luxury. Now think: imagine models in Soho or the West Village exiting Soul Cycle with these in their hands? How great and awful is that? That’s designer water, dudes.

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