Alexandra Pacula’s Blur Paintings

You know when you are moving and you try to take a photo and it ends up being a blur of lights? Those images are pretty to look at but, in terms of a photo, they are not what you want to see. So what can you use these images for? Pretty paintings.

Alexandra Pacula is a Brooklyn based painter who turns these typically rejected photographs into giant paintings. Her paintings are full of movement and have a rhythm to them, as if the blurry lights are dancing atop of New York cityscapes and street scenes. It’s a clever usage of a common visual vocabulary.

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Her work definitely have a dizziness to them and, as she writes in her statement, an echo of intoxication. They reflect the madness of New York City and, while I hate that place, her work are modern landscape paintings that capture how the city is. They’re metropolitan plein air paintings, post-five glasses of wine.

The paintings do make me wonder a few things. Where is she getting access to these high up, high motion views? What kind of camera is she using to take these photographic bases? How did she get so preoccupied with these blurs and where will they go? I ask mostly because I want to dive further into her process.

Regardless, they’re super great looking and have a luscious trendiness to them. Catch more of her work here.

painting by Alexandra Pacula

painting by Alexandra Pacula

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