An Affordable, Indestructible Handbag

I realized over the weekend that I have quite a few activity bags. I have a navy one, a purple one, a red one, and two brown leather ones, one patterned and one light. Do I need any others?

Yes, actually. But do I need to spend a decent amount of money on them? No, not at all. The thing about these bags is that they’re essentially re-fashioned iPad cases or large pencil cases. They needn’t be fancy but must be functional. They must contain shit and not break: that is all.

That is why these Design Ideas via Cool Material Ripstop Bags are pretty fabulous. They’re Tyvek made pouches that promise not to tear and hold your shit at a fairly low price point. You can get the larger folio for $21.95 or the more discreet tablet version for $16.95. Cheap, right?

This also fills a problem that I have: I need a black activity bag. I’d love a little leather one but, like, I’m on a budget. I just got back from a trip and should not (And cannot!) be spending oodles of money on some dumb small bag I’ll only use on the weekends. That would not be wise, no matter how fabulous and gay it would make me.

These Ripstop Bags? They solve the problem because they seem both tech-y and cool while just being unconventional material fashioned for fashion. They will likely wear down and age in a cool way but eventually rip and die since they’re a construction material that is usually unexposed. While I aim to not make an item like this disposable, infrequent use would mean the $20 price point would get so many bangs for them bucks. I like that. Perhaps I’ll indulge this cool material soon.

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