An All Night Art Party: The Series At The Ace DTLA

People always talk about multi-discipline art being so great but, really, not many people or venues do a good job of combining different artistic pursuits in a sensical way. One medium always overtakes another or it just seems too uneven of a pairing. Multi-discipline art feels like a dream: can anyone do it right?

My friend Nicole might be able to. She does a periodic art mashing event called THE SERIES in which she takes a bunch of different types of artists, gives them a theme, and let’s them run wild. It’s a fusion of late night party and Kaprow Happenings, a fluid coming and going of different art styles accompanied by many glasses of wine.

The most recent SERIES was last Thursday evening at the rooftop of The Ace Hotel DTLA. The show had a definitive start time of 9PM but, even if you arrived at 8:30PM, things were already happening. Elana Stonaker and Sarah Buckley installed themselves in their own creations as moving pieces of art. There were strategically placed piles of postcards (by co-host Moo) that helped set a mood and place for the happening.

The Series The Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles The Series Nicole Disson 1234KYLE5678 1

Lauren Brown & Rob Kolar of He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister

Jumping from these casual experiences of art, the show subtly rolled into a start. First there was a quick string performance by composer Ali Helnwein which led into an intentionally impromptu, accidental, and wonderful dance performance from the Ate9 crew. There was also Rebecca Halls’ immersive hula hooping from the future, a hysterical 2D monologue from Tamara Yajia, a rock ready musical performance by Lauren Brown and Rob Kolar, and little bits of writing from Mandy Kahn. On top of this, paper works traveled in and out of performances and featured artists like Aaron Rose, Hamish Robertson, Mariana Blanco, and Skylar Hughes. It was a platter of art things that did not seem related until you zoomed out to find a birthday party as the night’s connective tissue. The subtle theme was celebration, parties, birthdays, the types of things that people get together in large groups to do. It was a nice little bow to tie up every everything that was happening that night.

That’s what made THE SERIES so wonderful: it’s a performance piece that has a loose but linear way of presenting itself. It’s incredibly LA, too. Instead of knowing what was going to happen, things kind of unfolded around you. It was like a party where a friend or another attendee would suddenly breakout in song or dance or jump onto a makeshift stage for a performance. It also removed the stuffy stigma of going to the theatre or galleries where you feel too poor, too dumb, or too uncool to understand what is going on. THE SERIES is instead an all night art party with multiple entry points.

What’s surprising about it is that someone—an art museum, a brand, a celebrity—hasn’t picked up THE SERIES and employed it as a monthly something, helping it grow and become an even bigger event than it already is. It’s such an accessible, fun way to get people involved with many types of artists and creations, most of which they wouldn’t otherwise encounter. THE SERIES puts audiences in a position to ingest dance and theatre and live readings in a venue atypical for them. THE SERIES is a great way to give everyone all the art they need in a super fun way.

Learn more about THE SERIES here.

The Series The Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles The Series Nicole Disson 1234KYLE5678 2

Elana Stonaker & Sarah Buckley

The Series The Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles The Series Nicole Disson 1234KYLE5678 1 Moo

Assorted postcard artworks

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