An Alternative To The New Beach House: Bouquet

Contemporary musicians with a nostalgic bent Beach House have a new album coming out this Friday. They are a great group but, similar to acts like Crystal Castles, their schtick is something anyone can do. Others have equal amounts of fun with it, too! An example of that for you, in case you aren’t digging the latest release Depression Cherry: enjoy Bouquet.

This groups is a more beachy appropriate Los Angeles duo that make fairly sweet, dreamy, poppy, friendly psych-rock. They have a few releases out but their latest is the March 2015 EP In A Dream. It’s a quick listen of dizzy keyboards and fuzzy guitars and polite, almost cute boy-girl harmonizing. Like Beach House, their sound is a squinting at something late 1970s—but there is a playfulness that is missing from normal retro rockers. Perhaps this is because they use a lot of woozy drum machines or maybe because they at points feel like a nicely ripped of version of Suicide’s “Keep Your Dreams”: I’m not sure. What they do is attractive, if the playtime version of great acts of the past.

They’re great, though. Any group who can make music like this is sure to find an audience of twinkly eyed listeners hoping to fill their ears with stardust as they doze away near Echo Park Lake or similar settings. You can catch the release below.

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