An Elegant Activity Bag

Since returning from Paris, one thing has kept me directly tied to French lifestyle: a small “iPad case” from Ami. It’s a small leather envelope that I saw in their store, left thinking about it, realized that the “case” is actually a purse, and returned a day later to purchase it. It’s one of the best sartorial decisions I’ve ever made.

This “iPad Case” has gotten major use back home. Every weekend—or any night that I am going out—I dump my wallet, my phone, a small notebook, maybe mints, keys, and anything else for pockets into it, therefore freeing up my shorts to be less tight. It’s a very gay, very Euro look that I have absolutely become obsessed with. I call it my Activity Bag (or A.B. for short). It isn’t a clutch or a purse or—the most common code word for it—document holder. It’s my Activity Bag.

Ami Activity Bag iPad Case Man Purse France Paris 1234KYLE5678 menswear men's style Kyle Fitzpatrick

Ami Sweater / very old A.P.C. shorts that are probably too tight for me but whatever / my Ami activity bag, hidden in my hands / ugly chunky shoes from Goodwill

Why would you be interested in getting one? As a gay man, this gays up your look so much more and I love that quality to the accessory. It’s like a +1000 gay upgrade in the video game of life. It’s incredibly sophisticated and makes you feel super Euro, like you’re some street style bitch at fashion week.

You should consider getting an Activity Bag. Some are super affordable, too. They’re great for the weekends and, aside from worrying about losing it, they really are a lifesaver. It’s a subtle way to gender bend and it immediately elevates any look—even dressed down, casual Saturday wears. The bag that I have isn’t available online anymore but it’s not too dissimilar from this Ami document holder. I’ve now added these bags to the Things I Lust At Online list (Because I want more Activity Bags.) and below are a selection of current favorites. Take them as suggestions for your own Activity Bag.

Document Holder Activity Bag Man Purse Ami Thom Brown Maison Margiela Comme De Garçon 1234KYLE5678

From top: Thom Browne / Ami / Maison Margiela / Comme des Garçons

Thom Browne Leather Document Holder: A truly serious, all American version of the bag. Consider this if you are rich and go to a lot of meetings and will actually be using documents. The luscious chocolatey brown mixed with the red, white, and blue up this in sophistication, too.

Ami iPad Pouch in Blue / Red: From the latest Ami collection, this A.B. has a painterly quality to it thanks to the obscured floral print. The other options—a black/gray and rose/red—are nice too but this one has a great, mysterious depth to it.

Maison Margiela Red Paint Splashed Pouch: This is fun. It’s a fucking up of something fancy and, while over $600, is far from being “fucked up.” The candy red is gorgeous too. Everyone will know you have an A.B. when you take this out.

Comme des Garçons Leather iPad Case: This is a nice spiritual sequel to the Margiela bag but admittedly is simple and boring—but a great A.B., nevertheless. A healthy alternative is this CdG document holder that is a bit bigger and has lots of utilitarian pockets.

Pendleton Otaat Louis Vuitton Saint Laurent Document Holder Men's style leather activity bag purse 1234KYLE5678

Clockwise from top: Pendleton / Otaat / Saint Laurent / Louis Vuitton

Pendleton Land Of The Buffalo Organizer: Honestly, I hate this print. It’s a more rustic version of an A.B. and is also quite affordable, too. For something even more affordable from Pendleton, take this unstructured A.B..

Otaat Ninja Pouch: This bag is so fun. It’s one of the more affordable options and it’s made in a way that is a slouchy but well formed lunch bag. It comes in great color ways, too. If you want to get weirder (And we do.), try the Drums Clutch.

Saint Laurent Boomerang-Print Canvas Pouch: This is very understated luxury done with a fun print. Imagine this with an all black (Or all white!) outfit.

Louis Vuitton Writing Folder PM Monogram: This is basically a giant wallet. I’m not a big fan of this but it’s an interesting alternative because it is hyper structured. Consider this classic document holder and this interesting “pouchette jour” from Vuitton too.

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