Animated Text, The Cards

The Animated Text Tumblr is perhaps one of the best Internet based art projects to happen in the past five years. It’s a combination of current cultural tropes, teen frowns and emojis, and WordArt™ provided in .gif form. Some good news: the site has evolved the idea by physicalizing the form.

The website—from Oakland based designer Cat Frazier—now has lenticular cards of 3D moving letters. For fifteen dollars, you can get a moving mini-masterpiece that says anything from “I’m cooler on the Internet” to “sup bro.” The best part? Like the Tumblr, Frazier is even taking requests, which she will fulfill for $25 apiece.

These are so great. I am obsessed with them and will be buying custom ones, most definitely. Fortunately/unfortunately, I can absolutely see these cards making it even bigger. The bummer about that is you know Urban Outfitters is probably going to remake these in a stupider, terrible, corporately unaware of the lovely angst it was born from. Thank you, Animated Text.

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