Anna Wintour At New York Magazine

Did you know that Anna Wintour was once an editor at New York magazine before heading to Vogue? She was! It was during the mid-eighties too, arguably the heyday of magazine publication. As this week is themed around vintage programming, The Cut is sharing a feast of posts that feature Wintour’s work for the magazine. It’s wonderful.

The content—on Wintour’s behalf—is incredibly varied. She wrote about authentic rustic wear (“Real wear for the country life. Instead of expensive variations on these American themes…”) to Eastern influence on Western wear (“With the eye of the fashion world turning Eastward, the clothes of two of Japan’s foremost designers are in New York this season for the first time.” She is of course talking about Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto.) to aesthetic mashing culture clashes (“Lace and antique jewelry romanticize a classic Chanel suit.”). She had quite a varied tenure.

Atop of this, four big things stuck out. First, she dabbled in covering menswear. The stories are limited and somewhat silly but are styled quite nicely, the overt (baggy) eightiesness of it all aside. Secondly, the graphic design in some of these stories is incredible. It’s bad—but also so great. The pages are like architectural glass bricks: a necessary embarrassment of design past. Third, a big theme in her work is embracing the workmanship of the New Yorker, truly reflecting the everyman repeatedly in spreads. Fourth, the way models models is fucking hilarious. Just look at these poses.

Catch the other stories here, here, here, and here and enjoy some of my favorite spreads below. I am using each of them in some way as inspiration.

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Anna Wintour New York Magazine 1234KYLE56788

Anna Wintour New York Magazine 1234KYLE56786

Anna Wintour New York Magazine 1234KYLE56782

Anna Wintour New York Magazine 1234KYLE56783

Anna Wintour New York Magazine 1234KYLE56785

Anna Wintour New York Magazine 1234KYLE56784

Anna Wintour New York Magazine 1234KYLE56781

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