Are You Familiar With Zentai?

Hey, do you want your entire body covered in spandex? Like, do you want every part of you absorbed and enveloped in panty hose? Would you enjoy spending time with others who are covered in a body glove? This is Zentai, a thought process and identity that isn’t absolutely sexual but isn’t totally not sexual—but it is entirely covered up.

The name of this group comes from the Japanese term for “full body tights” and according to The Zentai Project is something done for “amusement.” It’s for fun! You want to feel like you are inside of something, enclosed and captured in cloth as if every digit of your body was very specifically swaddled? You need to get into Zentai. You need to get down with this.

This isn’t Kigurumi, the act of dressing up in full costume as a character, often as an animal. Kigurumi isn’t that different from Plushies or Furries: it’s a little less extremist. Zentai? It’s the “same idea” as that but at the cusp of spandex fetishism. The draw of Zentai is that your parts are being super hugged, super constrained and super pressured to feel as best as possible, to show off you as best as possible. Zentai is a gloved hand on your dick holding it until you let it all out, displaying it in relief for all to see.

And there is a fuck ton of Zentai porn. There is equally as much bizarro Zentai imagery, too. You can be in a Zentai family, if you wanted to.

Zentai Sex Body Suits 1234KYLE5678 4

Peekaboo: are you into Zentai? Why don’t you come out and talk about it?

Zentai Sex Body Suits 1234KYLE5678 2

Hello there, Zentai babe. You are totally giving everyone a shiner. Come out and play!

Zentai Sex Body Suits 1234KYLE5678 8

“Who, me? Little golden Zenta-I??” Yes, Zenyou.

Zentai Sex Body Suits 1234KYLE5678 3

Don’t melt away, my Zentai precious! You rest in the lap of luxury: yourself.

Zentai Sex Body Suits 1234KYLE5678 5

What about being Spidermans? Yes, you want to do this as Spidermans. You want to show off that paunch and pee pee while covered in the ‘dex. You love it.

Zentai Sex Body Suits 1234KYLE5678 6

Why not just make a fucking Zentai gang? This is a great idea!

So, yes, this is Zentai. Now I am going to watch some of this Zentai porn because I want to see a fleshy human straw poke out of the crotch of a neon spandex suit, as if the genitals of a male dog. People are great!

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