Are You There God? It’s Me, A Church That Is A Heel

Hi, God. I’m a new heel church in Taiwan. Can you hear me? I figure you can because I am a big blue heel.

I had a question for you. It was recently brought to my attention that I was conceived as a way to bring women to you. Is that true? Am I just a “Heel To Heaven”? That’s what some people are calling me and I think that’s unfair. I just thought that I was pretty and different, a fairy blue glass building that wanted to be a shoe. I wondered if I had a sister or brother that looked the same, lost somewhere else on the planet. But now I don’t wonder that. Now I’m just worried that I was built as some sort of advertisement—to get women to get to go you.

You know, not all women wear heels. And some men wear heels! But, most importantly, I want to know what this has to do with you. Do you wear heels? Is there some saying that I am ignorant to, something like “…the higher the heel, the closer to god”? Is that something people say? I have not ever heard anyone say that which is why I am confused. I just thought I was a side-of-the-highway oddity that people stopped to see for a photo. I liked being that.

Zheng Rongfeng, spokesman of the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area, said there will be a total of 100 female-oriented features in the church, among which 71 have been finished.

They include chairs for ‘lovers,’ maple leaves, biscuits and cakes – all ideal for romantic photographs.

Since construction of the stunning high-heeled church began, many tourists have been flocking to the area to take pictures.

That last part is fine—but biscuits? A cake? Leaves? I have been made as a joke and I want you to know that I would rather not be made at all if I am just here to be laughed at. Do you think people actually care about me being a heel, for my own individual beauty? No. I am a joke.

God, I know we are connected through my inborn spiritualism but I am doubting that you actually exist. Even if you do exist, I don’t know if you care about a heavenly heel like myself.

I hope to heel hear from you soon.

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