Ask The Gays

“If you build it, they will come,” they say. But what does that mean? A lot of times that means “If you ask gays what’s in right now, straight people will follow.”

This is a long held joke in LGBT circles, that queer persons are gatekeepers to certain tastes. Think about the term “shade.” Think about LipSync Battle. Think about rosé. Think about bromances. Think about the career of Ruby Rose. We gave that to you, people. Those all come from queer culture. Brands know this, attempting to tap into that queer mindset to market things. It’s annoying and ridiculous and…actually really, really funny.

Writer Kyle Buchanan is clearly irritated by this to the point of creating a very funny short on the subject. With a handful of gays—Drew Droege, Louis Virtel, Parker Delon, and Pete Zias—a beer marketer (Kevin Berntson) grills the guys on what they’re into. The group react in disgust, giving fake answers about what they really want, spiraling out of control to a silly conclusion that rings too real.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it feels like to “ask the gays,” this little video does a good job of that.

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