Autre Ne Veut’s “World War Pt. 2” Is The Fuck Song Of The Decade

Autre Ne Veut is a sexy electronic R&B dude. He’s like D’Angelo with an old synthesizer and a willingness to talk about his fear of death. I like that. He’s been pretty mum since his dark, wonderful, sexy 2013 album Anxiety—and that has been a shame. Well, that’s all over: he has a new song out and a new album coming out in October. My body is ready.

The song is “World War Pt. 2” and obviously is a spiritual successor to Anxiety‘s closer “World War.” The songs have nothing in common besides the artist that made them and, at first, it feels like an awkward hiccup in Autre’s lineage. It feels awkward and trendy and like the synching of everything is off. That teeth chattering “I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I” just makes me so angry. I hated it.

This was at 2PM yesterday. By 4PM, I was fuck dancing to this by myself, in my office, at work with tears in my eyes. The song is an incredible fuck song, which is what Autre is known for. The chorus is a clap happy rise atop of the song’s near four minute patient synth-snare pace for you to hump to as he warbles. The song is all about rise and fall, give and take and—as the amazing sci-fi porn video suggests—the limits and loveliness of sex.

What is the song about, though? I honestly have no idea. I have this issue where I cannot understand a word that is said by singers. “Your face…I’m giving up…more fangs…there’s nothing funny.”: that’s an example of what I hear in this song. The chorus? “I don’t want to be that you are not that been missing.” followed by “Anywhere you’ve been is not that wasted. You never faced, you never wasted / you never basic.” I find it hard to believe that those are the lyrics. They could be! But that those really are them.

Anyway, this song is just great. It is a song that I listen to and imagine a bunch of adult-children scuttling out to the dancefloor to slow dance with each other, grinding crotches against crotches, sweating on each other’s sweats. It’s a brilliant fuck song. I can’t imagine that people still “have sex to music” but, damn, this song makes a great case for it. Listen to it below.

(Also, hasn’t this week been a great week for music? It has!)

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