Being A Gay Rapper

You know that shitty ABC show What Would You Do? where that Native American looking old man creates uncomfortable hidden camera scenes to see if people are terrible or not? It’s a great show. You love it: do not deny this statement. It is an example of a perfect concept and a perfectly produced show.

Whenever that show does gay shit, I get an intellectual hard on and I watch every second of it, licking the screen with my eyes to see if people attack or embrace gaiety in their midst. The best segment they’ve ever done is actually not even on the show and not even something made by NBC: it’s a video from Fusion in which a comedian—Ben Bizuneh—pretends to be a gay rapper, hires a bunch of extras, and proceeds to prank them by acting gay in the video. What do they do? How do they react?

Of course they freak out. The stunt / experiment / prank intends to see if homophobia is still rampant in the black community in 2015 and the reaction is quite amazing and gross and wonderful. It’s a terrific little film. Unlike What Would You Do?, Bizuneh and Fusion go there. It’s funny and it’s terrible and it’s great and it’s so smart and well made. You watch the video and wonder if anyone is going to explode with hate or implode with love and, really, both happen. The setup and execution are wonderful and I have so many props to give everyone involved: this is a great video.

Now, for the real issue: would this fly for real? Probably not. But, as we see, there is some progress. Hopefully in a year or two, they will remount this experiment and see what happens. I’m anxious to know if anyone storms off set. Watch the experiment below.

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