Best Of 2015: Fashion, Art, & Design

2015 was a giant year in fashion with art and design overlapping in some interesting ways. Here’s what I was digging from last year, a lot of which we’ll see very soon as the collections will be rolling out now.

Most Topical: Titus Kaphar
Kaphar’s Ferguson paintings from earlier this year was such an intelligent way to articulate and capture the problems America has with race.

Most Ridiculous Design Challenge: Attempting To Create A Straight Pride Flag

Best Fashion-To-Television Crossover: M2M
This new style network made a big splash this year and is going to help us define how we watch fashion.

2015 Me, In A Label: Ami
Just search “1234KYLE5678” and “Ami” and you will enter my rabbit hole of being obsessed with this perfect Parisian brand that I wish I looked like I modeled for.

2015 Me, In Objects: Good Ugly Chunky Black Leather Shoes & Activity Bag

Overhyped: Yeezy Season Whatever
He’s come a long way to make silly shoes.

Etudes France Paris Sesam Hat 2015 1234KYLE5678

Best Hats: Études’ Sesam Hats

Biggest Artistic Breakout: Kalen Hollomon
This guy was everywhere in 2016! Not only did he collaborate with PornHub (LOL.) but he was the person behind The Weeknd’s album artwork and participated in #GucciGram. I can’t imagine this dude’s steam train is slowing down: he’s going to break even bigger in 2016.

Most Ridiculous Fashion Battle: Otherwild vs. Cara Delevingne

Tessar Lo Art Toronto 123KYLE5678

Most Playful: Tessar Lo’s Peeping Paintings
Where the abstract meets the real is where Lo is positioning himself in such a playful way. These paintings are so simple and so effective and, no, they are not the finest art but they stuck with me all year.

RIP, LOL Edition: America’s Next Top Model
This helped define my gay youth. You will be missed, show I don’t watch but once watched!

RIP, For Real Edition: Ellsworth Kelly
This artist taught me how much I loved minimalism—and how to color block.

I’m Trying.: Gosha Rubchinskiy
I get it but I don’t and it’s cool but it’s not. Part of me wants to say “GROW UP!!” but the other part of me wants to wear everything. Maybe it just needs to mature some? Maybe I’m too old to like it? Stay tuned. That said…

Gosha Rubchinskiy patchwork fleece coat farfetch clothing menswear 1234KYLE5678 winter coat 2

Buuuuuuuuuuut: This Gosha Rubchinskiy Coat
You guys: this coat. Gosha. This coat.

Worst Men’s Trend, I: Baby Pants

Worst Men’s Trend, II: Male Athleisure

Most Divisive: Ryder Ripps

Favorite Trend: The Ugly Festive Messy Woman

Best Art Instagram, Non-Artist: @kathy__grayson
The woman behind New York City’s The Hole has an Instagram that lets you know exactly what it’s like to be a fan of contemporary art and be able to travel to see the best of the best art in the world. Also, photos of her adorable dog and fucking hot boyfriend help make this Instagram a worthy follow.

Best Art Instagram, Artist: @lil_tau_au
Tauba Auerbach’s Instagram is a mixture of her previewing new work, current exhibitions, Diagonal Press projects, and all the fringe personalities that make her world, like Glasser, Claudette Gacuti, Annie Larson, and more.

In a year where body and identity politics were being challenged and won, this art film by Alli Coates featuring perform Signe Pierce was alarming. It was like water on open eyes. We have a long way to go, y’all.

Design Stars Of The Year: Dusen Dusen
This home and womenswear outfit by Ellen Van Dusen crushes you with how sweet and graphic it is. A lot of people are trying to do what she does but she has been consistently nailing this style.

Best Runway Presentation: Rick Opens Spring 2016
Owns is always killing it but this person-as-accessories show was some next level stuff.

Best Dressed Man: David Oyelowo

Best Dressed Woman: Zendaya
I almost gave it to a tie between Rihanna and Amal Clooney but, girl, Zendaya demolished everyone this year. She took no prisoners.

Best Fashion Moment: FKA Twigs at The Met Gala

Best Couture: Viktor & Rolf Fall 2015
Pretty people paintings: who would have thought to do that—and make it look so wonderful?

Best Womenswear Collection: Thom Browne Spring 2016
Browne muddled schoolgirls with pastel landscape paintings and, while it shouldn’t have made any sense, the effect his Spring collection has was that of a new revelation of patterns and design. You could see his work snap into itself again. It was a moment of evolution, caught on the catwalk. Although unrealistic, we should hope that all women (and men) are dressing like this from now on.

Best Debut & Best Menswear Collection: House Of Holland
The debut menswear collection from the English brand was a lot of parodic fashion fun. So many male tropes—tuxedos, school uniforms, work out clothes—were made fun of and recreated in a way that approachable for both the fashionable and non-fashionable male. Moreover, with shirts that loudly proclaimed “LADS,” it was very apparent that this was an effort to poke fun at gendering clothing.

Best Collection Overall: Gucci Spring 2016
A show that fused together 1970s forms with contemporary silliness, Gucci—a major label who has no right to create something so amazing—released a collection that is so wonderfully bonkers that it works. This show seems to define what the woman (and man) of 2016 is going to look like: fun, colorful, and all mixed up with patterns and textures.

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