Best Of 2015: TV & Movies

I thought I didn’t watch a lot of TV and movies last year but, dang, I guess I did. Here are some toughts on things!

Saddest To Leave: Getting On
This sweet adaptation of a British show ended it’s run on HBO last year and, sadly, it feels like only Bobby and myself were the only people who watched it. Do yourself a favor and give this show a go on HBO Go—especially for Niecy Nash’s breakout role.

Over You: Orange Is The New Black
Do people still watch this show? All the Tumblr fan fanfare surrounding the show’s third season has made it so exhausting to even consider watching: I couldn’t even find the energy to turn the show on. It’s evolved beyond relevance, sadly.

Where Are You??: Mr. Pickles
The breakout Adult Swim show of 2013 has been MIA and I’m real mad about it. One glimmer of light: someone who claims to be working on the new season briefly followed me on Twitter. Exciting? Or spam. Who knows.

You Guys Got It!: The Great British Bake Off
This was the year that TGBBO exploded in the US and, despite feeble Americanized attempts to recreate it, the show has found its audience across the pond. Long live Mary Berry!

Very Well Done: Jane The Virgin & Jessica Jones
These are great shows! But…

Most In Need Of An Editor: Jane The Virgin & Jessica Jones
…they need fucking editors. These shows run way too long, with seasons that truly could and should have been cut by three or four episodes, by way of an editor slicing things down.

Fine.: Mad Max: Fury Road
Eh. This was fine. Charlize was great. But it was fine.

Step It Up: RuPaul’s Drag Race
After the lackluster season seven, this show—WHICH IS SUCH A GREAT SHOW.—has really left a bad feeling in everyone’s mouth. Where are the creative, make-your-own-outfit challenges? Why are the contestants always working in teams? Why is this a singing and dancing and acting competition? Why does it feel so intentionally bitchy? Yes, the pool of potential cast has to be very tiny but that is no excuse for poor production. Step it up! (Also, the show is coming back for Season 8 later this year and an All Stars season, which is giving me lots of mixed feelings.)

“Eh,” TV Edition: Mr. Robot
This show was very okay. Predictable but well acted, weird but boring: it was very eh. (Although props to Rami Malek for being awesome.)

“Eh,” Movie Edition: Inside Out
This was sooooooo finnnnne. So overhyped and not funny and not sad and not anything: I felt no emotions about this movie, ironically.

Well Done! / Best Return: Wet Hot American Summer / First Day At Camp
This could have been so bad but, by the remaking powers that be, Netflix helped craft this new vision of the movie into something not shitty.

Glad I Discovered, I: Rick & Morty
If you do not watch this show or hate this show, you clearly are just trying to be a fucking dick.

Glad I Discovered, II: Nathan For You
This is a little harder to “get” but there is something very endearing about the absurdist, Abso Lutely awkward humor of Nathan Fielder.

Fun!: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Surprising for me, a hater of this brand and genre. I loved it!

Fun! And Weird! And Scary! And Great!: Creep
What an interesting take on horror.

You Did It Again!!!: Transparent
The second season of this show was wonderful. How could this show get more uncomfortable and wonderful? You will have to watch.

Fingers Crossed: Inside Amy Schumer
Will future versions of the show be less good because Amy is becoming a bigger star? Fingers crossed this will not be the case!

Gone Too Soon: The Dissolve

Just Die Already: Movie Theaters & Cable
Why do people have cable anymore? Why do people go to movie theaters? #TeamStayAtHomeAndBeSadOnTheInternet #AppleTV

Year Of The Dog: Heart Of A Dog (& White God)
No, I did not watch either of these movies but these are some that I am dying to see because they are emotional movies about dogs. I thought this day would never come.

Best Debut: Casual
What a wonderful little show. It’s uncomfortable and funny and is the kind of show that you want to hug. The best new show of the year!

Best Reality Show: The Great British Bake Off & A Chef’s Life
Of course, TGBBO is the best out there but I also wanted to give a shout out to PBS’s follow reality show about Vivian Howard some props. After three seasons (I think?), you still feel Howard’s excitement and energy for food.

Most Overhyped: It Follows
And not a particularly good horror film.

The Worst Movie Of 2015: Jurassic World
This was the biggest load of Hollywood garbage: it treated audiences like idiots, wasn’t very fun, and killed a fuck ton of people.

Best Looking: Ex Machina
Beautiful people in a beautiful (fucked up) movie…that I fell asleep watching.

Horror Movie Of The Year: Unfriended
A movie about teens being “killed via a Skype screen” should not be a good movie. This movie should have been so stupid yet I loved it. It was so creative and unique and really well done. This felt fresh, like something that hasn’t been done before—and that’s what should be done with horror movies. Laugh at it all you want, about how it’s about “social media,” but it was so fucking great.

Show Of The Year: Black-ish
The only show that consistently makes me laugh and is infused with very topical, very smart means of handling gigantic political issues is Black-ish. It features of cast of great kids (Marcus Scribner is just adorable.) and Tracee Ellis Ross is becoming a giant breakout star as a result. The show has yet to take a misstep and, with Wanda Sykes now as a recurring character and guest stars like Tyra Banks, Black-ish is showing no signs of stopping. This is legit must see TV.

Need To See: Mistress America & Queen Of Earth
These two were on my list of things to watch but, alas, haven’t gotten around to them. Mistress seems like a sweet spiritual sequel to Frances Ha (one of my favorite movies of all time) and Queen is apparently a secret horror movie, which I am very into. Soon, Greta Gerwig and Elizabeth Moss: soon! (Also, cinema oddities #Horror and The Lobster are on my list too.)

Most Excited For In 2016: The Witch & Anomalisa
The first film is going to be this year’s It Follows: I am aware. It seems much more serious and less gimmicky, though. (Again: that fucking stupid oyster, man.) Anomalisa is *technically* very late 2015 but I’m lumping it into the near year: it’s a Charlie Kaufman film and I will need to see it because I want to be Charlie Kaufman.

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