Best Of 2016: Video Games & Online Shit

To kick off this week’s many year-in-review items, we are going to look back at our best friends: games and the Internet and the intermix of the two.

It was a year of ups and downs—The Russians hacked us! We lost Vine! Nintendo went mobile! Your mom plays Overwatch!—that is leaving us in a great position for 2017 to fuck us up. Here’s hoping for the best!

And a note: I didn’t play as many games in 2016 as I thought I did. Apologies for this being lacking in the gaming department!

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Best Thing To Come From A YouTuber Trend: Hottest Pepper Challenge Freakout
See above.

Best Gaming Content: Monster Factory
Polygon’s series of manipulating and fucking with video game character mods has been going strong for quite some time but finally hit a fantastic stride of highs this year. The catch? They’re running out of games to lampoon.

Best Sponsored Content: The Boy Mayor Of Second Life
This Monster Factory was a delightful, hysterical manic free-for-all that took Tostino’s money to create a child beast that tromped around Second Life in all his ugliness.

Best Documentaries: 60 Second Documentaries
This new Facebook creator proved that less is more while sharing stirring narratives about truly fascinating people. It’s a very inspirational little series.

Best Dogs & Cat Online: The Dog Men & The Cat Woman
Not everything online is ugliness. These duos—
The Secret World Of Human Dogs and Nano The Cat—illustrated that there is more to humans than we think. Thank god.

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Weirdest Instagram: @placeunknown
This Insta fused gay parody with creepy, mini sex doll hijinks.

Best YouTube Editor: Lee Dawson
This gay’s recaps of RuPaul’s Drag Race stormed gay Internet this year. While he couldn’t keep up with the output, he certainly proved himself to be an undeniable, funny talent. Also: he’s way cute.

Fucking Everywhere: ATTN:

Most Overrated Overwatch Character: Reaper
What a cheap, lame character that requires no creativity.

Most Underrated Overwatch Character: Symmetra
Arguably the least loved by developers, Symmetra is a puzzle queen. She is a force that only the strongest will attempt to understand.

Most Untrustworthy For Reviews: Polygon
Their reviews have been shit. I purchased so many games this year that they raved about only for them to be complete duds. Retool your system, dudes!




Best Internet IRL: The Stock Photo Halloween Costume

Death By Online: Amy Schumer
Like her ad campaign claimed for the last season, she was oversaturated. Stay off of social, girl.

🙁: Gawker
Bon voyage, sweet baby boy.

Most Overrated Game: Virginia
This game should have been great. It was instead a really boring, stupid push-and-play nothing.

Best Simulator Game: Firewatch
Comparatively, this was a beautiful and creative game about finding yourself in a land of fire. It also makes you want to be a park ranger.

Best Election Parodies: Vic Berger For Super Deluxe
Berger’s parodies formed an absurdist floatation device in the sea of suffocating election content.




Best Usage Of Melania Trump: Late Melania




Best Political Meme: Bernie Sanders VS. Hillary Clinton

Best Politics Instgram: @hillarylooks

Best Political Video: Creepy Carly

Best Sports Online Anything: Basketball Lady Dance
Who is she? Can she teach me her ways to happiness? Teach me how to do what you do, madam.

This Was A Great Video: Goosebumps Girl

Meme Of The Year, I: Runaway With Me
This truly was the gift that kept on giving and giving and giving.




Meme Of The Year, II: I Like Dropping Hints That

Best Meme Related Content: Memes On Judge Judy
See above.




Meme MVP: Spongebob
Who knew that this lil late 1990s kid cartoon would be literally everywhere in terms of memes? He’s the dankest dude online and under the sea.

Meme RIP: Pepe
Once a symbol of chill vibes, now a symbol of suggestive want-you-to-die. How the mighty fall. Poor Matt Furie.

Oh!: The Witness
Why weren’t more people talking about how the Braid dude made a new game? It’s great!

Best Horror Game: Doom
This game took me some time to get into but it was an unparalleled horror gem. It should not have been this good! The game was thorough, action packed, and a retro gem too. This is the best game in its genre since Quake II.




Best Online Sports: Baseball Card Vandals
These dudes make me want to play sports. I love them.

Emoji Of The Year: The Snake
Who knew a single emoji used en masse could bring down the princess of country pop?

Best Use Of Pokémon Go: This sNSFW image.

Y’all Calm Down: The Vice Twitter Accounts
The alt-news publication’s various Twitter accounts keep talking to each other in a very sad way that screams conversational thirst. Stop.

Even Worse: Bon Appetit‘s Twitter
Literally the worst.

RIP: @breakingnews
This was a shock. Truly 2016 brought the death of news.

Best Worst Vine: Look At Yourself
Why the Internet is the best and worst.

Vine Of 2016: Matilda Takes Trump
It just sums 2016 up so well: a nineties superpower taking down the upcoming, surprising terror president.

Biggest Surprise: Super Mario Run
This game should not have been as good as it was. Yet, here we are. The game showed itself to be a clever extension of the Mario universe while doing what it does best: teaching you a trick and then challenging you to do it better. Bravo, Nintendo.

Best Tweet: “Delete Your Account”

Best Gay Twitter: @everywordisgay
A genius gay gem.

Best Twitter: @breakingnews
While it came to an end, this Twitter was invaluable amidst a tense news year. It showed why Twitter is important. As we enter the darkness of 2017 without it, let’s reflect on how it changed so many online mediums forever.

Best (New) Content Creator: Super Deluxe
Part Tim & Eric, part YouTube poop, Super Deluxe has brought memes to life in such clever ways all year while making memes themselves. Long live the new Internet flesh.

Mobile Game Of The Year: Neko Atsume
I didn’t know I wanted to be a kitty collector until I played this game. Equal parts uneventful yet zen, fun yet boring, this game taught you that a game can be anything. I love you, digital kitties.

Game Of The Year: Overwatch
Did any other games come out this year? This bizarre, wonderful game dominated everything and formed a cult that no other game spawned this year. It was infinitely playable while innovating amidst what was already out in the open. Well done, Blizzard. Here’s to more Overwatch!

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