Big Body Positivity From A Big Male Model

Dudes get the short end of the stick when it comes to body positivity and size issues. While some think it is impossible to fat shame a dude, I assure you it is possible for non-celebrity guys to feel bad for being not-fit. I can tell you that most men with size issues feel shamed without being shamed and they refuse to talk about it because, duh, dudes have been whipped to not have emotions. We, too, have fucking hot models in our faces all the time and we feel horrible about ourselves. It may be more internalized but it’s very much there.

But don’t feel bad! Be whoever you are and be however you look because who the fuck cares? The funny thing about this is no men are coming out about being body positive so, whenever a man is body positive, he makes headlines. It doesn’t matter who he is: he will make headlines. We need more dudes like this! I do see that this can in some ways support the male hierarchy of being on top but, really, we need men of different body sizes talking about why they enjoy being their size.

This is why Zach Miko is great. Who is he? He is an actor type who has been trending recently because he’s a male plus sized model (or “big and tall” as man world likes to say). Miko models for Target and represents the every day manly everyday man who has a belly and has a beard and has an effervescent positivity about him a lot like a warm hug. You know this dude can drink a lot of beers and carry you home at the end of the night. He is undoubtedly fuckable and he doesn’t model clothing that come in my size.

People are talking about Miko because of some things he said in regards to his size. Miko is 6’6″ and has a forty inch waist: he is a giant man, so big that he didn’t even fit the Target clothing. In listening to what he has to say on the subject, you instantly fall in love with him. Shouldn’t every man be like him? Every man should be as real as he is.

The sad fact is a lot of these companies believe that the average consumer finds big people unattractive. Therefore they believe that people will see their clothes as unattractive and unpurchaseable if displayed on a large person. It’s a perpetuation of the myth of beauty in our country. We live in a country where supposedly 60% of our country is considered overweight, yet the only images of beauty we were given for years are size 0 women and men with less than 2% body fat.

Yes, sir: that is exactly it. No, I am not a larger person but it is constantly in my face that we cannot be large and that—if we are large—we then become these monsters who cannot wear clothes, who cannot move, and who cannot do anything else but eat. It’s awful! I love that Miko is giving a middle finger to the world in his cutesy mainstream way.

Will he end up walking a runway for Ralph Lauren or some shit? Probably not. We have a longer way to go in terms of men sizes and male acceptance in general. We’re only now putting men on runways in women’s clothing and women on runways in men’s clothing. Can we put big men on runways? Not yet. We have to get over the hump of women being larger before men can be larger. Also, we only have Zach Miko: we need more of him before we go anywhere.

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