Bless The Haradashi

I want to talk to you about the Haradashi because I have recently discovered the Haradashi and it is very **blessed** folk content.

The Haradashi is a figure from Japanese folklore who, according to @41strange, is “a creature with a face on its belly” who “appears to sad and lonely individuals, particularly those who are at home drinking alone.” The figure appears to cheer you up by doing a “belly dance” in exchange for sake. What a fabulous figure! Bless the Haradashi.

It doesn’t end there. I’ll leave this to Japanese folk site Yokai to explain.

When offered a drink, a haradashi happily accepts it, and then bares its belly and performs a ridiculous dance. Those who entertain a haradashi in their homes find that their troubles and worries vanish, and they become filled with hopes and dreams.

Haradashi don’t only perform house calls. They make their homes in old temples and invite in those who need help. They call out to people who are lost or seeking shelter from the snow or rain, and invite them to stay the night in their temple. A haradashi will present its guest with a warm room and a hearty meal, and of course entertain with its signature belly dance.

What a hero, this blessed Haradashi! What is the American version of this? The drunk straight girl at a gay bar? Your uncle after he had too much beer at Thanksgiving? Me for most of my college experience?

I do not know and I do not think we deserve such a beautiful spirit. Bless the Haradashi. We are not worthy of your spectacular, happy belly dance.

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