There is an eclipse today.

Two space objects pass each other, blinding some. Put some tin foil on a box and stare at it with your back. Buy glasses on ebay.

Today is Bobby’s birthday. He eclipsed the number 34 to 35. 3, 4, 5.

In 2004, I visited Los Angeles for the first time. I stayed with my aunt. She was 34. She was turning 35. There was much discussion on how this age represented the end of youth.

The future is weird, blinding. You can’t stare at it with your back. Or can you? Maybe you could but that’s like walking backwards into a party: a momentary trick, at best. A recipe to fall on your ass is what it most likely is.

Change is weird but change is good. Change is exciting. Your past and your future collide to make the present. They’re two conveyer belts dumping things into a gap. You are the gap.

Today my horoscope said, “Foundation-rocking information comes to light today, Taurus!” Am I going to win something? All I wanted to do when I woke up was nap. I wonder if that counts as being an eclipse related “emotional mood.”

I remember that scene from Dolores Claiborne, where an eclipse is happening at the film’s climax. Someone falls in a hole. Kathy Bates wears a bad wig. There is a green screen.

Have you seen Misery? That’s a good movie. It’s very campy. Is Kathy Bates campy? She certainly eclipses James Caan in the movie. That’s the point though.

1990 was 27 years ago, which is when Misery came out. I was three.

Jennifer Lawrence just turned 27 six days ago. A week, eclipsed.

In 2005, Jennifer Lawrence did a Super Sweet 16 promo for MTV. I don’t think I understand the appeal of Jennifer Lawrence anymore.

Next year, I will be double sixteen in age and I want to have a super sweet 32.

I think I have a hangover? I don’t know. I didn’t even drink that much yesterday. What if I stopped drinking? What if alcohol didn’t exist?

Kylie Minogue’s song “2 Hearts” came out on November 9, 2007. Misery came out on November 30, 1990. Do you think Kylie Minogue and Kathy Bates are friends? What are their opinions of Jennifer Lawrence?

The song “2 Hearts” was the lead single from Kylie’s album X which was billed as her “post-cancer comeback album.” Kylie is very much alive now, ten years after. Her comeback continues.

The group Studio remixed the song “2 Hearts.” They were a duo consisting of Dan Lissvik and Rasmus Hägg. They put out one album – West Coast – and two compilations, called Yearbook 1 and Yearbook 2.

Ten years ago, I was returning to college for my final year. I had just finished an internship at MTV. I was listening to Studio a lot.

This week, I return to school again to begin studies for an MFA. MTV is basically dead. Studio has broken up. Is time flat?

What if Donald Trump dies when the moon stands in front of the sun? “Stand back,” the Moon whispers to the Sun. “We have to make one man on this planet disappear.” I will take my tin foil hat off now.

Today is the same as every day, I suppose: wear your glasses, don’t look at the sun, Kylie Minogue is still alive. Remember that as the changes occur.

See you in 2024.

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