BOY CLUB Is On The Awkward Human Podcast!

While working at RuPaul’s DragCon last month, we met lots of interesting people. It was a great way to connect with various LGBTQ persons and generally interesting men and women who might enjoy a little magazine about precious boys.

One of the people we connected with was Adam Dachis, one of the people behind Internet curiosity one-stop-shop Awkward Human. He invited us to be guests on their super great Awkward Human Podcast and, after a recording session over Memorial Day Weekend, the episode is here.

And it is super fun. We got to talk about all sorts of things from revenge porn to virginity to sibling sex: all the best things in life! Of course, we also covered some talk about BOY CLUB and I even got to tell an insane story about being cruised by a Hasidic Jewish man. More on this later today.

If you have some time or want some fun, idle listening while you work, check out the podcast below. You get to hear me and Bobby and Adam and the Awkward Human crew (i.e., Erica Elson and Richard Cardenas) give advice on some of the most fascinating subjects regarding being a(n awkward) human today.

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